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Scientists on a planet twenty light years from Earth have intercepted our 1950's television signals. Convinced that's how we live our lives, Zorbie and Simbo arrive on Earth to research our human behavior. What they learn will be far more valuable than what they came to discover. Good old fashioned science fiction. G rated and an easy read for all ages.
What makes Aliens In Paradise so different than most alien stories is that it's based mostly on real science and human interaction rather than being another "aliens attack earth" book. The author captures the reader's imagination in a manner that will safely entertain children with it's G rated language, while making adults think about the possibilities of life in the universe from a whole new perspective. You'll come away thinking, hey, this could really happen some day.

Alien Encounters

Aliens in Paradise the comic strip was first published in August 2009. A new episode of Aliens in Paradise is published each month in The Beacon Magazine near Jupiter. The town, not the planet. Selected episodes are shown on this website after publication in The Beacon.
LATEST NEWS: The first book in the series "Aliens in Paradise - The Arrival" is published on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Apple books..

Aliens In Paradise received it's first five star review on Amazon. "Good, old style science could entertain your kids with it...makes adults think...from an ET point of view.
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A few new chapters have recently been added to a new revision of Aliens In Paradise.




Aliens In Paradise - The published comics that inspired the novel. 

"Draw Bridge" episode 29 published Jan 2012
"Cars" episode 18 published Feb 2011
Aliens in Paradise
"Made from Scratch" episode 11 published June 2010.
"Cranes" episode 10 published May 2010.
Aliens In Paradise
"In the Woods" episode 9 published April 2010.

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